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The Lassen Law Firm is an extremely aggressive Philadelphia personal injury law firm serving all of Pennsylvania and beyond. The firm deducts a low 29% contingency fee, unlike the other firms that deduct a huge 40-45% fee, which we feel is unethical. Don't get hurt twice by using another firm with an enormous fee. We deduct an even lower 25% fee for all wrongful death claims & 25% fee for all minors.

You need an experienced personal injury law firm on your side if you wish to obtain the maximum possible compensation available. We will take your phone call day or night. We will give you our personal cell phone numbers so that you will always be able to reach us. When you need a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia or a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia, give us a call.

We have a quick phone sign-up process, and we will begin working on your case today!

What is Your Case Worth?

Personal Injury Settlements Philadelphia / Pennsylvania

  • Car crash in Philadelphia on Platt Bridge (hand injury and contusions) $42,000.00
  • Denied life insurance claim (material misrepresentation) $515,000.00
  • Attack by pit bull (serious scars to legs and arms) $245,000.00
  • Pedestrian struck while in crosswalk (back/leg/ankle) $91,000.00
  • Wrongful death record settlement (crime victim, shooting death) $10,000,000.00
  • Child medication error (life-threatening condition) $805,700.00
  • Rear-ended by commercial vehicle on I-76 (whiplash) $32,000.00
  • Defendant struck our Plaintiff on Platt Bridge (concussion & neck) $45,000.00
  • Slip and fall dangerous condition inadequate lighting (arm & ankle) $55,000.00
  • Ben Franklin bridge rear-ender (fracture of ribs & sternum) and UIM $150,000.00
  • Construction zone our client worker hit (spinal fusion surgery) $200,000.00
  • Motorcycle hit by Cadillac Escalade (shoulder labrum) $78,000.00
  • Premises liability case (fracture to hip, sacrum and arm) $210,000.00
  • Suffocation death woman tracheostomy tube (wrongful death) $2,250,000.00
  • Backhoe Accident in PA at work 3rd Party Liability (crush injury legs) $485,000.00
  • Trampoline injury (fractures of thoracis spine and shoulder) $90,500.00
  • Bicycle struck by vehicle at intersection (leg &hand trapezoid fracture ) $73,000.00
  • Rear-ended motor vehicle in traffic on I-95 (jaw fracture) $60,000.00
  • High-speed police chase (herniated disks and fractures) $152,000.00
  • Roosevelt BLVD pedestrian struck (wrongful death) $300,000.00
  • Sports injury uneven field (ankle & leg fractures) $260,000.00
  • Served excessivley hot soup in Philly restaurant (burn) $25,000.00
  • Low-speed collision on Walkt Whitman bridge (soreness to back/neck) $31,000.00
  • Eye damage Pennsylvania from side-impact (damage to cornea) $300,000.00
  • Tripped on defective step during delivery of package (wrist) $75,000.00
  • Denied life insurance claim (Metlife claimed alcohol exclusion) $526,000
  • Surgical mistake by two doctors in Philadelphia (brain damage) $2,150,000.00
  • Falling merchandise at store (head and shoulder trauma) $81,000.00
  • Dog bite injury to young child by Rottweiler at a home (facial scarring) $277,000.00
  • Slip and fall unsafe steps at business complex (wrist & arm fractures) $93,000.00
  • Trip on sidewalk that was broken and unsafe (meniscus & liagment) $80,000.00
  • Motor vehicle hit by Dodge pickup on Tacony-Palyra Bridge (closed head) $75,000.00
  • Montgomery County PA SEPTA bus crash (multiple injuries) $262,500.00
  • Bicycle struck by auto on shoulder of Market Street (ankle, leg & foot) $94,000.00
  • Van hit tree passenger hurt (eye orbit fracture & cervical pain) $84,000.00
  • 5 vehicle collision passenger on Girard Point Bridge (herniation) $75,000.00
  • Bus and van collided at intersection (facial disfigurement) $516,000.00
  • Denied SGLI claim (beneficiary issue we resolved expeditiously) $400,000.00
  • Racial Discrimination in pharmaceutical company (African American Man) $150,000.00
  • Parking lot motor vehicle incident (lower back strain and thoracic pain) $50,000.00
  • Philadelphia car accident (fractured ribs and knee ligament tear) $290,000.00
  • Truck versus auto on Pennsylvania Turnpike (traumatic brain injury) $1,300,000.00
  • Eye injury from auto collision on Girard Point Bridge (damage to cornea) $280,000.00
  • Wrongful police shooting (shot 3 times just inside front door) $375,000
  • Boat collision involving two motorboats (mild traumatic brain injury) $292,000.00
  • Life insurance denial (Unum claimed misrepresentation) $314,000 with interest
  • Contractor fall from roof (ankle & leg, homeowners) $145,000.00
  • Serious car accident in Philadelphia (transverse fracture) $100,000 limits
  • Bus accident in Pennsylvania clipped car (sore lower back) $9,500.00
  • 15 passenger van rollover (3 passengers multiple fractures) $500,000.00
  • Life insurance denied (American General claim exclusion) $209,000.00
  • Philadelphia car crash failure to yield (tibia broken) $100,000.00
  • Excessive force police (broken wrist including fracture of scaphoid) $125,000.00
  • Construction site accident defective machine (finger) $420,000.00
  • Fall Injury in home on torn rug edge (homeowner's claim) $43,000.00
  • Birth Injury (didn't do timely c section, hypoxia) $2,525,000.00
  • Denied VGLI claim (we contested beneficiary change and won) $400,000.00
  • Scooter struck by commercial vehicle (fractures) $230,000.00
  • Pennsylvania motorcycle wreck (blacktop burns to left side) $90,000.00
  • Auto collision on I-476 (whiplash and lumbar and thoracic strain) $18,300.00
  • Life insurance delay (American General claimed medical) $112,000.00
  • Bicycle accident struck by Chevy Tahoe (mandible hairline fracture) $84,000.00
  • Daycare injuries sustained to child (spiral fracture) $135,000.00
  • Forklift mishap Pennsylvania (lumbar 5 fractured) $540,000.00
  • Escalator accident missing guard (hand and finger injuries) $283,000.00
  • Drowning death pool in Philadelphia (wrongful death) $1,000,000.00
  • Philadelphia car accident (arm and hand fracture to child) $54,000.00
  • Pedestrian struck at intersection (head & leg fractures) $200,000.00
  • T-bone intersection driver blatantly ran red light (sore back) $16,500.00
  • Van collision while merging on I-95 (herniated disk) $63,000.00
  • Tractor-trailer rear-ended Infiniti (fractured vertebrae) $339,000.00
  • Construction accident 3rd party liability (head trauma vehicle) $410,000.00
  • Gun discharge in garage (homeowner's full policy) $300,000.00
  • Sexual abuse case in private school in PA (psychological trauma) $260,000.00
  • Accidental shooting apartment complex (shot by neighbor in face) $287,000.00
  • Van rollover on Schuylkill Expressway (concussion & cervical strain) $65,000.00
  • School bus accident with deivery vehicle (fractured arm) $130,000.00
  • Faulty wiring of building by electrician killed man (wrongful death) $1,470,000.00
  • Car wreck Philadelphia on Columbus Ave (ulna fracture) $88,000.00
  • Industrial burns at plant with third party liablity (third degree burns) $730,000.00
  • Slip and fall injury in store liquid spill (wrist fractures of lunate bone) $145.000.00
  • Sexual abuse by babysitter through service (emotional & PTSD) $275,000.00
  • Hospital error no section done despite fetal monitor (cerebral palsy) $4,300,000.00
  • Car crash on Broad Street ran red light at intersection (cuts to head) $58,000.00
  • Life insurance denied (Mass Mutual claimed self-inflicted injury) $221,000.00
  • Low-speed Philadelphia car accident (whiplash, sore back) $15,000.00
  • Bus collision with Lexus that pulled out (concussion and knee) $64,000.00
  • Philadelphia car accident driver texting (herniated disc) $50,000.00
  • Pennsylvania dram shop liability (multiple fractured ribs, etc.) $290,000.00
  • Casino accident slip in bathroom (ankle/foot fractures of phalanges) $88,000.00
  • Commercial vehicle collision with automobile (herniated disks) $285,000.00
  • Denied life insurance claim (overcame claim of three-month lapse) $221,000.00
  • Daycare injury Pennsylvania from fall outdoors (broken arm) $95,000.00
  • Motorbike struck by taxi who was talking on cell phone (foot and leg) $30,000.00
  • Hit and run accident to student pedestrian (broken wrist) $15,000.00
  • Philadelphia car accident merge at exit to I-95 (multiple fractures) $350,000.00
  • Commercial vehicle crossed centerline (transverse fracture) $289,000.00
  • Pedestrian struck by tractor-trailer on road shoulder (foot amputation) $473,000.00
  • Car crash in Pennsylvania broadsided at intersection (whiplash, etc.) $34,000.00
  • Crane accident tipped over (shattered arm requiring screws & plate) $339,000.00
  • Burn injury at work with third party liability (3rd degree burn) $92,500.00
  • Denied life insurance claim (Prudential claimed it suicide due to report) $309,000.00
  • Elevator accident due to elevator dropping 15 feet (injury to spine) $235,000.00
  • Birth trauma doctors in lunchroom ignored fetal monitor (cerebral palsy) $4,200,000.00
  • Truck accident Philadelphia with Mercedes vehicle (hand injury) $177,000.00
  • I-95 bus crash in chain reaction collision (multiple injuries) $248,000.00
  • Child abuse involving abuse by friend of family (emotional) $300,000.00
  • Hospital Error with secondary procedur required (brain trauma) $750,000.00
  • Van crash with 2 passengers (multiple fractures and lacerations) $364,000.00
  • Truck death Pennsylvania on Pennsylvania Turnpike (wrongful death) $2,600,000.00
  • Work injury involving 3rd party (burns to arms and hands) $93,000.00
  • Prescription error case wrong dose given to woman (organ failure) $450,000.00
  • Ford rollover involving SUV (fractured bones arm) $190,000.00
  • Slip and fall into hole in yard while sidewalk blocked (ankle injury) $53,000.00
  • Car collision while changing lanes (elbow injury, whiplash) $86,000.00
  • Crime victim parking lot which is a business property (stabbing) $147,000.000
  • Trip over box in the middle of store aisle (wrist fracture) $120,000.00
  • Motor vehicle collision involving side impact (foot & leg) $65,000.00
  • Car accident Philadelphia stop sign disregarded (back injuries) $55,000.00
  • High-speed rear end collision with Kia (closed head injury) $27,500.00
  • Burns Pennsylvania from propane explosion (third degree burns) $275,000.00
  • Misdiagnosis of cancer in private office (cancer spread) $965,000.00
  • Electrocution work site with 3rd party liability (electrocuted, arm & hip) $1,250,000.00
  • Campus crime of student victim walking to dorm (beating) $92,500.00
  • Car collision Philadelphia with distracted driver (finger fractured) $75,000.00
  • Medication error 10 times the dose (6 month hospitalization) $375,000.00
  • Pennsylvania car crash involving Pontiac and Jeep (fractured ribs, arm) $190,000.00
  • Bus accident Pennsylvania with automobile (rotator cuff tear) $90,000.00
  • Car accident Philadelphia (fractures to wrist and needed second surgery) $125,000.00
  • Civil rights police beating serious police misconduct (rib and facial) $138,000.00
  • Chemical burn injury Pennsylvania (3rd degree burn) $86,000.00
  • Explosion injury (burns to neck, arm, back with skin grafts) $503,000.000
  • Fed Ex truck accident driver didn't slow for stopped traffic (head trauma) $550,000.00
  • Harley Davision and Range rover collision (degloving and road rash) $84,500.00
  • Philadelphia car accident with jaws of life (comminuted leg fractures) $100,000.00
  • SEPTA bus accident (compound arm fractures, elbow, wrist) $218,000.00
  • Philadelphia car accident involving texting while driving (knee ligament) $72,000.00
  • Motorcycle accident due to car pulling out (road rash and sacrum fracture) $39,000.00
  • Car crash Philadelphia involving intoxicated driver (fractured tarsals) $50,000.00
  • Surgical error 45-year-old woman (needed revision and third surgery) $245,000.00
  • Philadelphia car crash passenger extracted (leg, foot fractures) $56,000.00
  • Swimming pool accident elderly man not watched by lifeguard (drowning) $300,000.00
  • Industrial accident run over by commercial vehicle on site $487,000.00
  • Eye injury from dangerous condition on property (reduced vision) $280,500.00
  • Police brutality black man savagely beaten (spinal injury) $361,000.00
  • Construction accident due to third party (humerus fracture) $55,000.00
  • Burns from explosion (3rd and 2nd degree burns to hands and arms) $229,000.00
  • Life insurance denial (Prudential claimed application misrepresentation) $309,000.00
  • Car accident involving distracted teen driver ( hand trauma and sore back) $30,000.00
  • Denied life insurance claim (AETNA claimed misrepresentation) $50,000.00
  • Medical malpractice wrong site surgery (multiple surgeries to remediate) $600,000.00
  • Inadequate security parking lot woman attacked (contusions & concussion) $65,000.00
  • Slip and fall on slippery floor from fruit in supermarket (knee torn ACL) $57,500.00
  • Car accident with 82-year-old man badly hurt (fractured fibula) $30,000.00
  • Van accident rollover intoxicated driver (stitches to passenger's forehead) $30,000.00
  • Pedestrian accident with driver distracted by cell (bruises, lacerations) $25,000.00
  • SUV car wreck due to failing to yield by driver (wrist fracture) $78,000.00
  • School bus accident Pennsylvania as vehicle hit rear of bus (soft tissue) $21,000.00
  • Pool Drowning man found at bottom of the pool (74 year old, full policy) $1,000,000.00
  • Dog bite in Philadelphia by Pitbull mix to young girl (scarring to face ) $140,000.00
  • Denied life insurance claim (drug exclusion claimed by insurance company) $108,000.00
  • Motorcycle accident in Philadelphia (head injury and arm fracture) $100,000.00
  • Tractor trailer accident driving under influence (major injuries 3 occupants) $740,000.00
  • SEPTA bus as bus hit car making wide turn (whiplash, sore back) $13,000.00
  • Defective gun injury accidental shooting to teen boy (gunshot to leg) $122,000.00
  • Casino injury in restaurant due to floor spill (slip and fall herniation) $55,000.00
  • Shooting victim at apartment complex business property (gunshot injuries) $275,000.00
  • Medical mistake involving multiple doses medication error (internal injuries) $320,000.00
  • FedEx truck involving traffic backed-up at exit (death to elderly woman) $1,500,000.00
  • Serious work injury 3rd party liability (crush injury to 75% of body) $715,000.00
  • Van accident at 4-way stop failing to yield (whiplash & back soreness) $13,500.00
  • Motorcycle wreck (multiple fractures to arm with rods, plates and screws) $100,000.00
  • 3rd Degree Burn involving burns to hands (skin grafts which got infected) $260,000.00
  • Bike struck by turning station wagon at light (concussion & broken wrist) $71,750.00
  • Accident SEPTA bus which ran red traffic light (meniscus knee injury) $31,000.00
  • Police misconduct wrapped arm around neck (herniation) $85,000.00
  • Dump truck and car collision (lacerations and scarring above eye) $90,000.00
  • Dog Attack by German Shepherd upon guest (hands, arm, leg) $171,000.00
  • Texing while driving collision with bike rider (broken femur) $95,250.00
  • UPS truck collision with auto passenger (wrongful death) $2,400,000.00
  • Electrical burn powerline touched by crane (hip and arm) $ 775,000.00
  • PA auto collision (back, neck, deep cheek laceration with scar) $15,000.00
  • Motor vehicle accident tractor-trailer and auto fatal (67 yr old ) $1,450.000.00
  • Construction ladder fall from roof (broken foot, ankle, wrist) $163,000.00
  • Denied life insurance claim (claimed wrong age on application) $200,000.00
  • U-Haul truck crash with Prius (broken clavicle and more) $188,000.00
  • SEPTA bus collision while turning at light (fractured arm) $61,000.00
  • Pedestrian struck by newspaper deliveryman (shattered femur) $96,000.00
  • Denied FEGLI claim (invalid beneficiary designation claimed) $208,000.00
  • Dog bite to 12-year-old girl (deep leg puncture with infection) $33,000.00
  • Acura hit Audi head on as crossed the centerline (wrist fractures) $88,000.00
  • Auto collision involving failing to give the right of way (laceration cheek) $75,000.00
  • Van collision with guardrail passenger hurt (broken arm) $92,500.00
  • Minivan made illegal U-turn (fracture of jaw, lacerations to face and neck) $50,000.00

Personal injuries can occur anytime and when that happens, someone is held to account. A legal process for this course of accountability ensures that all parties involved are evaluated for their respective contribution to the damage and any liability ascertained on the part of those involved. The Lassen Law Firm, Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, only deducts a 29% contingency fee, not the standard 40-45% like other firms.

Since car accidents can happen to anyone, it is important to understand the impact of acting with utmost urgency should the injured choose to file a claim. Most car accident cases have a window of time within which a suit is to be brought before a court of law; failure by plaintiffs to meet this deadline for filing such a legal suit automatically bars them from receiving justice. It his however not easy for those without knowledge of the law to know which of the many car accident cases have a deadline and how long this window period is, so seeking the services of a personal injury attorney should be the immediate step after seeking medical help. Reports from doctors and other medical staff usually form the bulk of evidence during court proceedings so they must be properly done. The following is a brief sequence of events for injury from a car accident:

Call 911 for help or rush to the nearest medical facility if you can still drive or if there is someone to take you there.

Receive medical attention to make sure that the injuries are properly taken care off to reduce any life threatening danger.

Call an attorney immediately you are fit enough to made such a call.

Personal Injury Lawyer Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, you need an experienced lawyer who can lay out your case. A good PA auto car attorney has knowledge of getting witnesses, interrogating law enforcement officers and reconstructing accident scenes if need be. This is however not enough because there is an extra need to quantify the magnitude of personal injuries if any significant settlement is to be achieved. This is where I come in with my team of medical experts who help the process of quantifying the clients' injuries and ensuring that the largest possible compensation is obtained.

To win auto accident cases and secure significant compensation, we use experts that include those in the medical field and economists, to help paint a clear picture of the magnitude of injuries and their corresponding economic implications. This combination helps us settle most cases at the highest possible compensation figures.

The Lassen Law Firm, Philadelphia personal injury lawyers only deducts a 29% contingency fee, not the standard 45% like the other firms.

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