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Low 29% Contingency Fee

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The Lassen Law Firm is an extremely aggressive personal injury law firm serving all of PA & NJ. The firm deducts a low 29% contingency fee, unlike the other firms that deduct a huge 40-45% fee, which we feel is unethical. Don't get hurt twice by using another firm with an enormous fee. We deduct an even lower 25% fee for all wrongful death claims & 25% fee for all minors.

You need an experienced firm on your side if you wish to obtain the maximum possible compensation available. We will take your phone call day or night. We will give you our personal cell phone numbers so that you will always be able to reach us.

We have a quick phone sign-up process, and we will begin working on your case today!

What is Your Case Worth?

Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts

Wrongful death (crime victim, shooting death) $10,000,000.00 (a record)

Backhoe Accident in PA (crush injury legs) $485,000.00

Eye damage Pennsylvania (damage to cornea) $300,000.00 policy limits

Dog bite injury (facial scarring) $277,000.00

Trip on sidewalk (meniscus) $80,000.00

5 vehicle collision (herniation)$75,000.00

Racial Discrimination (African American Man) $150,000.00

Philadelphia car accident (fractured ribs) $290,000.00

Contractor fall from roof (ankle & leg, homeowners) $145,000.00

Failure to diagnose Meningitis (fatality) $3,800,000.00

Bus accident (sore lower back) $9,500.00

Sexual abuse (physical & emotional trauma) confidential

Philadelphia car crash (tibia broken) $100,000.00

Excessive force police (broken arm/wrist)$125,000.00

Construction site accident defective machine (finger) $420,000.00

Injury in home (homeowner's claim)$43,000.00

Birth Injury (didn't do section, hypoxia) $2,525,000.00

Pennsylvania motorcycle wreck (blacktop burns) $90,000.00

Rearender (whiplash and sore back) $8,300.00

Bicycle accident (mandible hairline fracture) $84,000.00

Daycare injuries (spiral fracture) $135,000.00

Forklift mishap Pennsylvania (lumbar 5 fractured) $540,000.00

Escalator accident (hand and finger injuries)$283,000.00

Pedestrian struck (head & leg fractures) $200,000.00

T-bone intersection (sore back)$6,500.00

Construction accident (head trauma vehicle)$410,000.00

Gun discharge (homeowner's full policy) $300,000.00

Sexual abuse case (psychological trauma) $260,000.00

Van rollover (Schuylkill Expressway)$65,000.00

School bus accident lawyer (fractured arm) $130,000.00

Car wreck Philadelphia (ulna fracture) $88,000.00

Industrial burns in Pennsylvania (third degree burns) $730,000.00

Slip and fall injury (wrist fractures)$145.000.00

Sexual abuse (abuse by babysitter) $375,000.00

Cerebral palsy (no section done)$4,300,000.00

Car crash Pennsylvania (cuts to head) $58,000.00

Car accident (whiplash, sore back) $15,000.00

Philadelphia car accident (herniated disc) $50,000.00

Pennsylvania dram shop (multiple fractured ribs, etc.) $290,000.00

Casino accident (slip in bathroom)$88,000.00

Daycare injury Pennsylvania (broken arm) $95,000.00

Priest sexual abuse case (past statute of limitations) confidential

Hit and run accident (broken wrist)$15,000.00

Philadelphia car accident (multiple fractures) $350,000.00

School abuse (sexual)$279,000.00

Car crash in Pennsylvania (whiplash, etc.) $34,000.00

Crane accident (tipped over, shattered arm)$339,000.00

Burn injury (burns from steam from pipe) $92,500.00

Elevator accident (injury to spine)$235,000.00

Birth trauma lawsuit (cerebral palsy) $4,200,000.00

Truck accident Philadelphia (hand injury) $177,000.00

Child abuse (abuse by friend of family) $300,000.00

Hospital Error (secondary procedure)$750,000.00

Truck death Pennsylvania (wrongful death) $2,600,000.00

Work injury (burn)$93,000.00

Prescription error case (wrong dose) $450,000.00

Nursing home abuse (pressure uclers, etc.)$190,000.00

Car collision (elbow injury, whiplash) $86,000.00

Crime victim (stabbed on business property) $147,000.000

Sexual abuse (injuries obvious) $300,000.00

Sexual assault (dentist)$445,000.00

Burns Pennsylvania (third degree burns) $275,000.00

Misdiagnosis of cancer (private office)$965,000.00

Electrocution work site (electrocuted, arm & hip) $1,250,000.00

Campus crime victim (beating)$92,500.00

Car collision Philadelphia (finger fractured) $75,000.00

Medication error(10 times the dose) $375,000.00

Pennsylvania car crash (fractured ribs, arm) $190,000.00

Assault victim (boy attacked by babysitter) $225,000.00

Bus accident Pennsylvania (rotator cuff tear) $90,000.00

Car accident Philadelphia (fractured wrist) $125,000.00

Civil rights (police beating)$138,000.00

Chemical burn injury Pennsylvania (3rd degree burn) $86,000.00

Explosion injury (burns to neck, arm, back) $$503,000.000

Fed Ex truck accident (head trauma) $550,000.00

Sexual harassment (at large company)$600,000.00

Philadelphia car accident (leg fracture) $100,000.00

SEPTA accident (arm fractures, elbow) $218,000.00

Philadelphia car accident (knee ligament) $72,000.00

Motorcycle accident (road rash and sacrum fracture) $39,000.00

Car crash Philadelphia (fractured tarsals) $50,000.00

Surgical error (45 year old woman)$245,000.00

Swimming pool accident elderly man (drowning) $300,000.00

Industrial accident (run over by vehicle)$487,000.00

Sexual abuse by coach (sexual relations with teenager) confidential

Police brutality (man savagely beaten)$361,000.00

Construction accident (humerus fracture) $55,000.00

Burns (3rd and 2nd degree burns to hands and arms) $229,000.00

False arrest (civil rights violations)$72,000.00

Car accident ( hand trauma and sore back) $30,000.00

Denied life insurance claim (claimed misrepresentation) $50,000.00

Medical malpractice (wrong site surgery)$600,000.00

Inadequate security in parking lot (attacked) $65,000.00

National orgin discrimination$250,000.00

Car accident (fractured fibula) $30,000.00

Van accident rollover (stitches to temple) $30,000.00

Pedestrian accident (bruises, lacerations) $25,000.00

SUV car wreck (wrist fracture) $78,000.00

School bus accident Pennsylvania (soft tissue) $21,000.00

Pool Drowning (74 year old, full policy)$1,000,000.00

Dog bite in Philadelphia (scarring) $140,000.00

Motorcycle accident in Philadelphia (degloving) $100,000.00

Tractor trailer accident (serious injuries) $740,000.00

SEPTA bus (whiplash, sore back) $13,000.00

Coach abuse (lockerroom incident)$125,000.00

Defective gun injury (gunshot to leg) $122,000.00

Casino injury (slip and fall herniation) $55,000.00

Shooting victim (business property)$275,000.00

Sexual assault (teen sexually assaulted) $300,000.00

Medical mistake (wrong site surgery) $420,000.00

Priest Abuse (sexual abuse of altar boy) confidential

Serious work injury 3rd party liability (crush injury) $715,000.00

Van accident (whiplash & back soreness) $13,500.00

Motorcycle wreck (multiple fractures to arm) $100,000.00

3rd Degree Burn (burns to hands) $260,000.00

Camp counselor abuse (sexual touching)$115,000.00

Nail gun wound (puncture wounds) $53,000.00

Accident SEPTA bus (knee injury) $31,000.00

Police misconduct (wrapped arm around neck)$85,000.00

Dump truck and car collision (cut and scarring above eye) $90,000.00

Dog Attack (hands, arm, leg) $171,000.00

Sexual Molestation (neighbor) $300,000.00

Religious Discrimination (Muslim)$190,000.00

Electrical burn powerline (hip and arm) $ 775,000.00

PA auto collision (back, neck, cheek) $15,000.00

Motor vehicle accident fatal (67 yr old ) $1,450.000.00

Construction ladder fall (broken foot, ankle, wrist) $163,000.00

Denied life insurance claim (recovered full policy) $200,000.00

U-Haul truck crash (broken clavicle & humerus) $188,000.00

The Lassen Law Firm only deducts a 29% contingency fee, not the standard 45% like the other firms. Offices in both PA and NJ.

Stop Searching. Start Calling: 215-510-6755.

The Lassen Law Firm

1515 Market St #1510

Philadelphia, PA 19102

(215) 510-6755

The Lassen Law Firm
1515 Market St #1510
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 510-6755