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Recent Accidents in Pennsylvania

Multi-vehicle incident with 2 dead from a work van on Route 30 at Hellam exit in York County.

Motorcycle rider killed on Route 30 in West Hempfield Township after being struck by Hyundai.

Hit and run accident in which 21 year old Penn State student seriously injured when struck on Blue Course Drive.

Seven people injured in Abington collision near Willow Grove Mall at Easton/Old Welsh Rd

7 month old child injured in I-95 collision in South Philly.

Pickup hit by dump truck on Route 562 in Oley, and pickup driver flown to hospital with leg injuries.

Skydiving accident in which two tandem skydivers were injured after parachute malfunctioned.

18 year old woman killed in Lampeter Road crash in which Volkswagon turned and hit Prius.

Northeast extension accident in which 26 female passenger flown by PennSTAR helicopter to University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

Man loses eye in fireworks accident.

Pickup passenger, a 23 year old female killed on Gum Tree Road in Chester County when pickup tried to pass a vehicle.

Motorcycle crash in which 24 year old operator and 24 year old femal passenger killed on SR 29.

60 year old man killed in multi-vehicle crash on I-80 in Bloomsburg area.

Wrongful police shooting with man shot in Pennsylvania.

4 children died in four-dwelling house fire in Southwest Philadelphia on Gesner Street.

Port Matilda woman died after cycle crash on Route 504 near Unionville.

Man dead after pickup crossed centerlane and hit his cycle on Route 53.

3 people injured in auto crash on 422 in North Lebanon Township near Prescott and Narrows Drive.

One person injured in crash on I-81 in which watermelons were spilled from truck.

44 year old bicyclist struck by car in Allentown on South Fourth Street and killed.

Route 30 crash in Manchester Twp between semi and car with one fatality.

Boat crash on Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County carrying six to ten people.

Tractor-trailer and car crashed at exit 70 on I-83.

Car and semi truck collided on Route 202, and elder man killed.

Flat-bed tractor trailer on I-81 hit 15 passenger van in PA.

PennDOT road construction worker from Malvern killed after being struck by semi-tractor-trailer.

Semi-truck pulled out from side of road on Route 1 and failed to yield to family in mini-van, paralyzing son.

1-70 collision between rig transporting hazardous materials and a BMW 535, and the 535 driver and child passenger sustained serious head injuries.

Truck hit by tractor-trailer on PA Turnpike between Donegal and Somerset.

2 people killed in 18 wheeler accident on Interstate 81 close to Carlisle.

A driver of a tractor-trailer drove through the middle barrier on the Pennsylvania turnpike plowing into four other trucks and a car. One of the occupants of one of the trucks hit was killed.

Tanker truck on I-276 did not notice Acura IDX next to him, and came into his lane sending the car operator off the road into a ditch, and the occupants were sent by medevac to a local level one trauma center.

I-676 crash with a wrecker and 18 wheeler, and operator of wrecker sustained moderate injuries after crashing into the back of the big rig in front.

3 semis collided on I-476 injured send driver who did not notice traffic slowing in front of him.

A tractor-trailer crashed into a Honda on the Northeast Extension while traveling south, and the Honda driver's leg was crushed by the trauma.

A school bus hit in the rear by a tractor-trailer on Route 202 in Pennsylvania, and 6 children with injuries

Jeep Grand Cherokee hit by semi truck on Route 22 in Pennsylvania, and driver killed.

Maintenance worker killed by big rig semi truck on Pennsylvania Turnpike.

18 wheeler crash on Route 283, with serious head and back injuries to child.

Tractor trailer and dump truck crash in Delaware County Pennsylvania.

Semi tried to beat the train at a crossing at Memory Lane, but failed and crashed into side of train.

A service truck was hit by a tractor-trailer on the eastbound side of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

On Interstate 78, a tractor-trailer that was weaving in traffic, swerved to avoid a slow PennDot vehicle crushing a Yaris and driver of little car sustained spine injury to T3

A Greyhound bus and tractor-trailer collision on I-95, with multiple passenger injuries.

Two tractor trailers on I-80, both exceeding the posting speed limit of 55 collided, and the driver's cab of the truck on the left was crushed against bridge support, causing death to the driver.

Road construction worker struck by semi-truck and killed on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Over a hundred cars and dozens of tractor-trailers were in a enormous pileup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike between Bensalem and Willow Grove.

A 44-yr-old Quakertown firefighter was killed in a head-on crash.

A truck accident happened on Route 22 in Monroeville.

A box truck was involved in a crash with a motorcycle on I-95 when the driver changed lanes without seeing the bike.

A cement truck ran a stop sign in Chester County Pennsylvania resulting in death of a passenger, as well as serious injuries to the driver and two other passengers.

An I-676 crash in which a food truck rammed into the back of an SUV, and occupants of SUV sent to local hospital for treatment of moderate injuries.

A container truck hit a tilt truck in the rear on I-76 outside of Philadelphia, and a passenger was ejected onto the roadway and sustained a brain injury and multiple broken bones.

I-80 crash involving 15-passenger church van and tanker in which van flipped to side injuring all occupants.

A flatbed truck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike failed to observe slowing traffic, and hit a Toyota in the rear, causing the car to explode and killed the driver and passenger of the small vehicle.

I-78 collision between Acura TL and semi-truck carrying lumber. The car caught on fire, and two passengers sent by helicopter to area hospitals for treatment of burn injuries and fractures.

Multi-vehicle-crash on 1-476 involving a gas truck and Mercedes, and 50-yr-old woman transported to hospital with multiple fractures.

A crash with limo and flatbed on I-81 injuring driver and 3 passengers.

I-95 crash in which a semi crashed into a construction vehicle loaded with asphalt. The passenger of the semi was not wearing a seat belt and sustained serious injuries.

A multi-vehicle accident involving a concrete truck, a dump truck and an SUV were in a collision near 476 and 322 on I-95.

Bus driver killed pedestrian in Philadelphia County while driving distracted.

On I-95, a bus driver was texting and hit a vehicle in the rear near the I-476 exit, causing car driver and two children to sustain serious injuries requiring a lengthy stay at Chester Crozer.

Car opened door directly into bike rider's path in Philadelphia, causing bicycle rider to sustain serious injuries including brain injury

Van hit bicycle rider in Philadelphia causing rider to sustain a Thoracic fracture, broken ankle, and shattered elbow.

Truck hit a group of bicyclists in Pennsylvania, and one rider was killed and three riders seriously injured.

Box truck ran 7 year old girl into ditch, and girl sustained a lumbar injury requiring body cast for almost 3 months.

Thirty year old dentist hit by delivery truck while riding her bicycle in Pennsylvania.

Woman drove her car into two bicycle riders while talking on her cell phone. Husband and wife both sustained multiple fractures and required several surgeries.

11 year old boy attempted to ride his bicycle across the street in Montgomery County, and driver of Camaro failed to stop at stop sign and boy sustained fractured vertebrae in his back and broken wrist.

Driver going down steep hill went through intersection with no stop sign and collided with young college student who suffered broken patella and fractured radius.

Bicyclist riding bike in front of Kmart hit by elderly woman exiting and who only checked for traffic in one direction.

Cycle rider killed by truck in Torresdale on Frankford Ave close to Carteret Drive.

Motorcycle hit by minivan on Roosevelt Boulevard at Oxford Circle and driver and passenger taken to Temple Hospital.

41 year old Fleetwood passenger of motorcycle killed in crash in Oley Twp.

Motorcycle rider dead after accident on I-80 in Luzerne County.

34 year old Muncy man on motorcycle and passenger 35-yr-old Montgomery woman on Route 405 with passenger killed.

21 year old Latrobe motorcycle rider pulled out from Route 119 and hit 48 year old North Huntingdon man on cycle, and his cycle then hit a BMW in Hempfield.

A crash in Hanover Borough with a Harley Davidson and a Honda Civic resulted in two people being sent to the hospital.

Car pulled into path of motorcycle rider in Upper Mount Bethel, and both riders went to St Luke's Hospital for treatment.

35 year old pedestrian femal hit and killed by vehicle on 25th Street in Palmer Township.

A 91 year old pedestrian hit by car on Meridian Ave near the Turkey Hill in Scranton, Lackawanna County.

An 82 year old Spring Church man of Kiski Township died 5 days after being struck by a Subaru SUV.

A family of 3 was crossing a Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia, and was hit by a box truck, sending them to the hospital for over a week.

A man changing his tire on I-95 near the Philadelphia Airport was hit by the mirror of a BMW, and was thrown into traffic to be hit by two other cars.

A woman on Route 202 was hit in front of a shopping center as a elderly man pulled in and struck her, causing her to sustain several fractures.

A man who had an accident on I-76 got out of his vehicle only to be hit by a Ford truck.

A pickup truck and school bus crashed on Roosevelt Boulevard at Goodnaw Street, with driver and student injured and treated at Aria Hospital Torresdale.

First Student Bus carrying no children went through red light according to a witness and hit a station wagon on Germantown Pike near Norristown.

School bus driver hit and killed an elderly woman from Pottstown in Suburban Philadelphia.

Two girls with their heads peaking out of a school bus were injured as the school bus driver drove to close to a pole.

With 70 children on a school bus that collided with a tractor-trailer in southern Pennsylvania, more than 24 children were injured, with six being flown by medevac helicopters to regional hospitals.

School bus crash with car with Perkiomen Valley Middle School killed a Gilbertsville man while making a turn.

School bus crashed into embankment, injuring 14 kids. All injuries were minor.

An SUV crossed the centerline and crashed into the right side of the school bus, and several children sustained fractures and cuts from glass.

A school bus rolled over onto its side on a school trip, and student sustained a broken arm and road rash through the open window. Although no skin grafts were needed, there were permanent scars.

School bus driver lost control of bus near Philadelphia and crashed into house, and two taken to hospitals, one to HUP and another to Temple.

School van and two vehicles involved in wreck in Wilkes-Barre at South Pennsylvania Ave.

A school bus in Montgomery County was struck at an intersection, and several children sustained minor physical injuries, however, they sustained emotional trauma and required extensive psychological counseling.

A truck carrying soda side swiped a school bus sending it into the bushes, and 2 children sustained minor injuries.

A driver of a van suffered a seizure and hit the rear of a Chester County school bus at a high rate of speed. Five children sustained minor to moderate injuries.

A dump truck failed to obey a red light traffic signal, and sent a school bus into a ditch. One child sustained a fractured wrist

A work van struck a school bus full of children going to school, and two girls sustained minor injuries.

A tractor-trailer hit a school bus full of high school students head on, and several students sustained moderate to severe injuries.

A school bus carrying special needs students was struck in the side by a pickup truck, and four children sustained concussions and one sustained a fracture.

An SUV pulled out from a side street hitting a school bus full of elementary children, and one child sustained a serious head injury.

A car and a bus crashed on MacDade Boulevard in Collingdale close to Aldi Supermarket. The driver of the bus was transported to Taylor Hospital for treatment. The driver of the car was driven by ambulance to Chester-Crozer Hospital. Ten bus passengers were taken by ambulance to Mercy Fitzgerald Medical Center for their injuries.

SEPTA accident on Olney section of Philadelphia which involved several cars. Ten passengers sustained injuries from the crash.

SEPTA bus crashed into an SUV and then into a Philadelphia bar called Monks.

A sixteen-year-old teenager was killed by a SEPTA train after walking on the tracks.

An Abington man was texting on his cell phone and hit by a train which just came around the curve.

A man crashed his car into a SEPTA bus in Falls Township at Oxford Valley/Devon Road.

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