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Accident on Route 202 Parkway injured Two Drivers in Pennsylvania

Two drivers were injured in a car accident on December 4, 2012 at the entrance to the new Route 202 Parkway. According to police the accident took place when a silver 2003 Buick Regal driven by a Philadelphia driver was heading west on Route 63, approaching the entrance to the Parkway. At the same time, a gold 2012 Hyundai Tucson, driven by a Doylestown driver, was heading south on the Parkway approaching the intersection with Route 63. Both vehicles collided in the intersection, and both drivers were taken to Abington Health - Lansdale Hospital for treatment of injuries. Both vehicles were towed from the scene, and the crash is still under investigation by Montgomery Township police.

Most car collisions happen because a driver has been negligent when he/she operated a vehicle in a careless and unsafe manner. A driver must exercise reasonable care while behind the wheel and may be found negligent for ignoring traffic signals, violating speed limits, being distracted by eating, talking on a cell phone or texting. The injured party has to prove that the other driver was negligent, his/her negligence caused the collision that resulted in injuries. The success of a car crash case depends on the expertise of a Pennsylvania car crash attorney who will lead the injured person through the complexities of personal injury litigation.

Depending on the specific facts and circumstances of your case, compensation may be available through different sources. The responsible parties may be:

Car owner: A car may be owned by several people or business entities, including parents, or employers. A parent of a driver under the age of 18 may be liable for the negligent conduct of the driver. Companies that allow their employees to drive company vehicles may also be liable for the negligent conduct of the driver.

Employers: If an employee was acting within his/her scope of employment at the time of the accident, the employer may be liable for the negligence of the employee.

Government Units and Agencies: Cities, counties, and even the state may have failed to design, construct, and maintain safe roads or implement proper traffic controls, including light signals, stop signs, and speed limit postings. Litigating a car collision claim against a government entity is not an easy task and requires considerable expertise and experience. In addition, very strict filing deadlines and rules apply to car collision claims against government entities. The Lassen Law Firm urges you to consult with a knowledgeable Pennsylvania car collision attorney without delay.

Auto Manufacturers: Car manufacturers may be responsible for the accident under the strict liability theory if there was a manufacturing or design defect in one of the cars involved in a crash. Injuries may be caused from the negligent design of a seatbelt, airbag failures, or tire defects. Design defects include structural instabilities, brake problems and other defect causing vehicle rollovers, gas tank explosions, roof crush and fuel-fed fires.

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