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Sexual Assault Lawsuit in Pennsylvania Settles for $1.8 million.

Sexual Abuse Lawyer Pennsylvania: A sexual assault case brought by a therapy patient who was sexually assaulted by her therapist settled for $1.8 million in Pennsylvania last year.[1] The case arose out of the sexual assault perpetrated by a psychotherapist on his 17-year-old patient. The victim was 13 years old when she entered the Kids Peace Hospital mental health facility, in Orefield for treatment of depression, anxiety and self-harm tendencies. The victim attended therapy sessions with Smith from February 2001 through 2002 and again from late 2004 through August 2005. During their session, the therapist engaged the underage patient in having sexual contact with him, including at least two instances of oral sex. In 2005, the victim informed her parents that she and Smith had had a sexual relationship. The sexual assault victim contended that therapist bought her a sex toy as a high-school graduation gift. She also claimed that therapist took photographs of her in the nude.

The sexual assault victim filed a lawsuit for damages against the therapist and a number of Allentown mental-health professionals and practice groups involved in supervising Smith and in providing him with office space during the years the victim was in therapy with him. In her lawsuit, she alleged that the therapist had been professionally negligent in becoming sexually involved with a therapy patient. The sexual contact between the victim and therapist had exacerbated her existing mental-health problems and caused her to suffer PTSD. The case settled for $1.8 million following jury selection and prior to opening statements.

Victims of sexual assault suffer severe physical and emotional injuries. The last thing on their minds is the thought of recovering money damages for their pain and suffering. Often, however, they have a right to obtain restitution for their injuries, both physical and psychological. If you have been the victim of sexual abuse, sexual assault or sexual exploitation, contact a Pennsylvania sexual abuse lawyer to immediately to discuss your case.

The Lassen Law Firm represents sexual abuse victims throughout Pennsylvania and the nation. We handle all types of sexual abuse cases, including doctor sex abuse, coach sex abuse, teacher sex abuse and foster care sex abuse, therapist sex abuse, University campus sex abuse and abuse by relatives. The biggest obstacle to filing claims of sexual abuse is the statute of limitations – the time period during which sexual abuse victims can bring their claims. It is vital that you report sexual abuse as soon as possible and contact a Pennsylvania sexual abuse attorney to preserve your right to file a civil lawsuit against the abuser.

To prevail on a civil claim against the abuser, the victim needs to have the support of an experienced, dedicated, caring and aggressive Pennsylvania sexual abuse lawyer. Attorneys at the Lassen Law Firm are ready to fight for your rights! Call the Lassen Law Firm now to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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[1] 2011 WL 1193855 (Pa.Com.Pl.) (Verdict and Settlement Summary)


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