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Legal Fees: What is the Standard Lawyer Contingency Fee in Pennsylvania?

Personal Injury Lawyer Pennsylvania: What is a contingency fee? A contingency fee is a fee for a legal service which is deducted only if there is a favorable result in the case. If the lawyer does not settle the case or win in court, the client is charged nothing whatsoever.

What is the standard contingency fee in Pennsylvania? Most lawyers deduct a 40-45% fee. The Lassen Law Firm only deducts a 29% fee, not this standard 40-45% like the other firms. Attorney Christian Lassen, managing partner of the Lassen Law Firm, feels that clients shouldn't be hurt twice: the first time in the accident, and a second time by the lawyer's high fee, which is why he has a very low 29% fee.

At least five people call the Lassen Law Firm each week asking if they can switch lawyers. The rule in Pennsylvania is that a client can switch lawyers at any time, despite signing a lawyer's fee agreement contract. All the client needs to do is send a termination letter to the old high-priced lawyer, and have the lawyer send the file to the new attorney.

Let the Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at the Lassen Law Firm get you the maximum possible compensation available.

The Lassen Law Firm is licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and serves the nation.

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