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Building Collapse Lawyer in Philadelphia Handling Wrongful Death Claims

Building collapses in Philadelphia often result in serious injury and even death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a building collapse in Philadelphia, you need an experienced and aggressive building collapse law firm to get you the maximum possible compensation available under Pennsylvania law. The Lassen Law Firm handles all building collapse cases at the reduced contingency fee of only 25%, not the typical 40-45% like other firms. Don't get hurt twice by using a high-priced law firm that takes the lion's share of the recovery.

Building collapses in Philadelphia may be caused by:

  • Architectural design defects
  • Engineering defects
  • Negligent demolition
  • Failure to put up supporting wall
  • Failure to brace wall
  • Design defects in roof, deck or floor
  • Failure to follow design specifications
  • Low quality building materials
  • Damaged building materials
  • Defective building materials
  • Unrepaired water damage
  • Foundation defects
  • Poor construction
  • Poor inspections that fail to identify flaws by L & I
  • Poor supervision by contractor or subcontractor
  • Safety equipment missing from job site
  • Negligent maintenance of building

The Lassen Law Firm will pursue claims against: the owners of the building; the general contractor; the subcontractors; the materials manufactures; the inspectors; the architects; the engineers; and more.

Philadelphia building collapse cases are complex, and there are frequently multiple liable parties. The Lassen Law Firm always hires the top building collapse reconstruction expert, so that no stone is left unturned, and every liable party is identified.

Under Pennsylvania law, the spouse, children or parents of the deceased may bring a wrongful death action to recover damages sustained by them as a result of the decedent's death. The purpose of a wrongful death action under Pennsylvania law is to compensate the relatives for their losses in connection with the death of a loved one. An experienced Pennsylvania wrongful death attorney will advise the family members what it takes to litigate and win a wrongful death action in Pennsylvania. Litigating wrongful death cases requires expertise and dedication of a wrongful death lawyer who knows the law, procedures, local litigation traditions and other legal aspects to help you win your wrongful death case and recover the fair compensation for the losses sustained.

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