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Tour Bus Crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike with two fatalities

2 people died and many were seriously injured in a bus crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike at 9 am on Saturday, March 16, 2013. A tour bus accident lawyer should be retained immediately after an accident so a crash reconstruction team can be sent out to the scene. The charter bus was carrying the women's lacrosse team of Seton Hill University when it crashed near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The Seton Hill team of 23 lacrosse players and their three coaches were heading to an NCAA-II match in Millersville University, Pa. The cause of the accident is not clear yet, but according to police, the bus went off the road and hit a tree. The driver and one of the coaches died in the crash. Three passengers sustained serious injuries and were taken by helicopter to Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pa. Nineteen others with minor injuries were transported to Carlisle Regional Medical Center, Harrisburg Hospital and Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill, Pa. The bus was operated by Mlaker Charter & Tours, of Davidsville, Pennsylvania. The state Public Utility Commission, which regulates bus companies said that there were no prior accidents or violations involving the company that would raise a red flag. State police are investigating the crash.

Tour Bus Accident Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

Medical costs are incredibly high and it is impossible for many bus accident victims to pay for prescriptions, hospital bills and any additional care that is needed. The catastrophic injuries that can be caused by a bus crash can also leave many unable to work or perform their daily functions. Without the steady source of income many suffer serious financial consequences. At the Lassen Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys believe that you should not be left to deal with the financial difficulties of a bus crash alone. An attorney from our firm will fight to gain you compensation to cover the cost of pain and suffering that a bus accident can lead to.

When a wrongful death is caused by a bus accident, you may be able to hold the liable parties responsible and we will seek to help you accomplish this. It can be the passenger of a bus that is left harmed. When they are, the damages can be catastrophic. Those that are riding on the bus will often not have the option of a seat belt available and in the event of an accident and there is nothing to restrain them from flying forward and injuring themselves. The large size and weight of a bus will typically leave the car crushed and those inside severely injured.

Bus operators, mechanics, manufacturers, part suppliers and retailers may all be liable if the accident was caused by a defect in a bus or due to negligent maintenance. To determine the cause of the accident, you need an experienced, aggressive lawyer on your side. For a free consultation on how to recover compensation for your injuries and losses, please call the Lassen Law Firm. We have helped many bus accident victims on Pennsylvania recover maximum compensation. Call us now to learn about your legal rights.

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