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Teacher Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyer Philadelphia

Teachers occupy positions of prodigious trust, and there is a colossal imbalance of power with respect to the teacher-student relationship. Students often feel compelled to succumb to their teachers' demands, whatever they may entail. Sadly, when teachers make sexual advances and attempt to abuse their students, these students feel necessitated to acquiesce. When a student faces teacher abuse, the consequences are severe. It is not uncommon for students to sustain traumatic dissociation and childhood sexual amnesia. Without specialized counseling, students can be damaged psychologically for life. The main reason most parents decide to pursue a claim is to pay for this expensive counseling necessary to restore their child's emotional and psychological health. It is with great sensitivity and compassion that the Lassen Law Firm represents families whose children have been victims of teacher abuse.

Under Pennsylvania law, a teacher may be liable for child molestation, physical abuse, sexual abuse and assault and bullying. In many situations, parties other than the perpetrator are legally liable for the abuse. Any entity or business acting through its employees, that failed to report or prevent the abuse after suspecting the abuse or who actively concealed the abuse, is potentially liable for the child abuse and assault. Our attorneys at the Lassen Law Firm help victims recover compensation in cases involving:

  • Knowingly acquiescing in reported abuse and assault;
  • Failing to conduct reasonable background checks on teachers, volunteers, coaches, superintendents and other employees;
  • Failing to conduct a reasonable investigation;
  • Hiding or concealing the abuse;
  • Failing to report the abuse;
  • Failing to prevent the abuse;
  • Failing to protect the victim/student;
  • Failing to intervene;
  • Failing to train employees on the policies regarding mandatory reporting of abuse;
  • Failing to have a policy in place regarding mandatory reporting of abuse;
  • Negligent supervision of children;
  • Negligent supervision of employees;
  • Negligent security resulting in access by criminals.

What is Teacher Abuse?

Often, parents and students ask themselves what abuse by a teacher really is. Many students, especially younger students in elementary and middle school, may not be aware that they had been subject to mistreatment. Therefore it is best if both students and parents are aware of any situations that might be considered abusive.

Abuse of a student by a teacher occurs when a teacher violates a student's civil rights or endangers his or her safety and health. Teachers are regulated on a state and federal level to keep teacher abuse incidents to a minimum. A teacher who violates educational standards may be subject to both civil and criminal penalties. Some of the most common teacher abuse cases are:

  • Physical, emotional, or sexual harassment of the child;
  • Sexual assault of a child;
  • Excessive or unauthorized use of "corporeal punishment" (physical force);
  • Discrimination based on protected categories, such as race, gender, or disability;
  • Restrictions on the constitutional rights of the student, such as those involving free speech and freedom of expression;
  • Failure to address any special needs of the student, such as handicap access
  • Unfair academic treatment, including bias or preferential treatment in grading;
  • Denial of educational opportunities.

We encourage every parent to speak with their child about the child's school experiences and his or her relationship with the teachers. A major problem may arise when a child may not even be aware that a teacher is violating the child's right. If you are not sure whether the teacher abuse occurred, call the Lassen Law Firm. We will help you identify a problem and point you in the right direction. The Lassen Law Firm encourages all parents to get involved with their child's education and be aware if their child talks about any of abusive circumstances in their school.

After a person has been a victim of abuse, he/she is legally entitled to seek compensation for: medical expenses, injuries, physical and mental impairment, and pain and suffering. The Lassen Law Firm will fight hard to get you or your child the maximum possible amount of compensation available under Pennsylvania law.

Personal Injury Lawyer Pennsylvania

Teachers, coaches and counselors play a very special role in children's lives. The society expects them to be leaders, role models and protectors of the well being of young people whom they teach and guide. Parents who send their children to school, to sports training events or to summer camps do not expect to have to worry about the moral character of the leaders. Any parent wants their child's teachers, coaches and counselors to set examples for teenagers and watching out for their well being.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes, individuals abuse these positions of authority and cause physical or psychological harm to those whom they were supposed to empower. The Lassen Law Firm is a valuable resource of information and legal help for families seeking answers after their child has suffered from physical, emotional or sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher.

When people have been seriously victimized by abuse, they may feel helpless. It is hard enough for people to deal with their physical symptoms and recovery, let alone the financial difficulties that are often associated with most teacher abuse injuries. If you or your child has been a victim, the last thing you or your family should have to worry about is your financial security.

At the Lassen Law Firm, we believe that the victims and their families should be allowed to focus on getting better without having to stress over their future well-being. We are skilled civil trial attorneys who will aggressively fight for maximum recovery of damages for our clients' serious injuries.

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