Lassen Law Firm Overview

So many people have asked us what has made the Lassen Law Firm so successful over the years. Our has been our client-focused approach. It is axiomatic that the Lassen Law Firm has had outstanding results for clients, but the key to our success has been our excellent client service. Most law firms sign up a client, forget about that client, and fail to return calls. Our approach has been to provide clients with case updates continuously throughout the process. We communicate with our clients every step of the way. We provide our cell phone numbers to clients, and we take their calls at all hours. We also feel that most law firms charge steep and unreasonable fees. Our view is that clients shouldn't get hurt twice...the first time in the accident, and the second time by a law firm's huge fee. This is why we have a low 29% fee for injuries, and an even lower 25% fee for wrongful death.

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