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Philadelphia Birth Injury Lawyer

Birth injuries are physical injuries that happen to the infant prior to or at the time of childbirth. It is estimated in the United States that about every 7 out of 1000 babies suffer an injury at the time of labor and delivery. It is important to note that birth defects should not be confused with birth injuries. A birth defect is typically a result of a genetic condition or exposure to something harmful while in the womb, whereas birth injuries are the result of a medical mistake by a doctor that occur during the birth. There are a number of possible birth injuries that can occur, unfortunately they were typically preventable.

Common Birth Injuries

The contortions and contractions that naturally come with childbirth can be extremely rough on an infant and there is always a risk of injury. However, the typical cause of injury was the result of a breach of the standard of care by a medical professional during the labor and/or delivery. Expectant parents are always very excited and anticipating the birth of their healthy baby, but are unfortunately often left wondering how their once healthy baby was born injured. There are a wide range of birth injuries that can occur during labor and delivery, with the most common being Cerebral Palsy. Some of the most common birth injuries include:

  • Bleeding in the brain (often occurs when vacuums and/or forceps are improperly used to help pull the baby's head out)
  • Facial nerve damage
  • Skull fractures
  • Swelling of the brain
  • Brain cell injury resulting from lack of oxygen
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Brachial Plexus Palsy, also known as Erbs Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy is a birth injury caused by a breach of the standard of care by a doctor that affects the brain and nervous system. Natural body functions such as vision, movement, hearing and thinking are affected. When broken down to the individual meanings of Cerebral palsy, cerebral refers to the brain, while palsy pertains to the lack of body control and/or paralysis. The disability is the direct result of an injury to the brain by a doctor that occurred immediately prior to, during or after birth. The causes of cerebral palsy may include bleeding in the brain, infection in the brain, lack of oxygen to the brain, severe jaundice and/or an infection in the mother during pregnancy. In many situations, the primary injury is due to low levels of oxygen before or during the birth. During labor and delivery, the baby is typically placed on a fetal monitor, which monitors the baby's heart pattern. When medical personnel fail to recognize and abnormality in the heart pattern, it can lead to oxygen deprivation to the brain, which results in a brain injury. Most of our Cerebral Palsy cases involved the doctor failing to do a c section when the baby was in fetal distress.

The signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy typically appear before the age of three, with most children showing symptoms during the first month of life. In some situations, the symptoms of cerebral palsy may be missed by medical professionals, because the child may not be of the right age for certain behaviors. Children with cerebral palsy vary in the severity of their brain injury. As the age, the child may only require a small amount or no assistance with daily functioning. However, severe cases of cerebral palsy require lifelong services, and the money can only be obtained by retaining a top birth injury lawyer in Philadelphia.

Symptoms of cerebral palsy may include:

  • Muscle weakness, tight muscles and/or partial paralysis
  • Abnormal gait or walk
  • Joint contraction
  • Speech problems
  • Constant pain
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Lack of or loss of coordination
  • Learning disabilities
  • Digestive disorders

It is absolutely normal for the families of children who have sustained a birth injury to look for answers. Parents want to know what went wrong with the birth of their child and why the doctor did this to their child. It is also common for parents to question whether or not to contact a birth injury attorney in Philadelphia. In almost every case we have had, the doctor lied to the parents, and tried to cover up the mistake. Also, the doctors and hospitals in every case we have dealt with have tried to prevent us from obtaining important medical records, especially the fetal monitor strips. We constantly have to go to court to demand sanctions for the withholding of these records.

Birth Injury Lawyer Philadelphia

When medical negligence results in a serious birth trauma, such as brain damage or cerebral palsy, the obstetricians, other doctors and hospital staff may be held liable. The Lassen Law Firm, Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys, will get you maximum compensation.

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