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How an Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer May Help

After a worker has been injured in an accident, he/she is legally entitled to seek compensation. Your best interest is served by seeking competent, caring legal representation from a reputable work injury law firm. By taking legal action against those responsible for your accident you can move forward with your life and provide a brighter future for your family. The Lassen Law Firm will get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

You should seek legal advice concerning a money award as soon as possible after filing the Workers' Compensation claim. The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania is two years from the date of the injury, therefore, it is important to file a lawsuit promptly. A delay in filing a lawsuit may negatively affect your case and your right to get full and complete compensation. The accident site will change with the passage of time, the important evidence may be lost and the witnesses may move. The Lassen Law Firm should be retained immediately to investigate before evidence vanishes.

Recent Construction Accident in Philadelphia 5 workers from roofing company sustained injuries in a scaffolding collapse.

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction site accidents in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania happen on a regular basis. Someone wasn't looking where they were going or personal protective equipment wasn't provided. Regardless of why the accident occurred, it is important that you seek a construction accident lawyer in Philadelphia.

Construction site accidents can leave you without work for a number of days, weeks and even months. You may be unable to return to work based upon the extent of the injuries. If you do not seek good legal representation, you may not get the settlement that you deserve. This can leave you struggling with medical bills and struggling to provide the necessary income for you and your family.

Workers' Compensation May Not Be Enough

Employers are required to pay into workers' compensation insurance. When there is any kind of work injury claim (such as a construction site accident), the workers’ compensation insurance will take care of the expenses. However, the big compensation is available if there is a third party claim (a claim against someone other than your employer).

It is your right to seek a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer in order to investigate a third party claim. As pain and suffering money is not available with workers’ compensation, but only when you have a viable third party claim.

Your construction accident attorney in Philadelphia is going to investigate all possible defendants for a third party claim, such as contractors and machine companies. An investigation will be undertaken to ascertain how and why you were injured.

Do I need a construction accident lawyer in Philadelphia?

When you choose a construction accident lawyer to help you with construction site accidents, it is important to find a one experienced in handling construction accidents. This is because there are a plethora of rules and regulations involved with the construction industry, and you want to be able to have peace of mind that your lawyer is able to navigate through them all in order to get the best possible outcome.

A free consultation is always available for you with one of our top Philadelphia construction accident attorneys. This will allow you to ask questions and learn more about what the lawyer has to offer and what you can expect through the claim. A construction accident lawyer should be at your side throughout the entire process and be willing to answer any questions that you might have. You may want to find out how many construction site lawsuits they have handled in the past and what kind of success they have had with each of them.

A Philadelphia construction accident attorney from our firm works on your behalf so that you will obtain the maximum possible financial compensation available under Pennsylvania law. A small percentage of that then goes to the lawyer working on your case. Our firm has a small 29% contingency fee.

The Importance of Retaining a Construction Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured on the job site, this likely was not your fault, and you should never be injured on the job. In the event that you are injured, it is important that you seek a construction accident lawyer in Philadelphia as quickly as possible. This is so that our accident reconstruction investigation can be started and witnesses can be obtained as soon as possible. You will want to go to the doctor and have a full medical evaluation in order to find out the extent of your injuries. Even if an injury seems a minor at the time, it is important to visit the doctor because they will be able to ensure that all potential injuries are documented properly.

When someone else was to blame for your injuries, you should not be out of pocket for insurance deductibles, prescription drugs or anything else. All of this should be reimbursed to you or handled on your behalf so that nothing is paid up front by you.

It is also important to have legal representation in order to hold all negligent parties responsible. If you choose not to say anything, these negligent third parties may continue to do what they were doing. It is only a matter of time before someone else gets hurt. By speaking up, you can ensure the negligent parties learn from their mistakes, and they will make the necessary changes to ensure safety. You may be able to protect others that are experiencing the same injuries and hurt that you sustained.

All it takes is calling a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer to begin the process. You will find out what you need to provide and what needs to be done in order to pursue a claim against the negligent third parties. A construction site accident can be difficult to deal with, but you do not have to deal with it alone. We will help you through each step in order to put the accident behind you, and get you maximum compensation.

The Lassen Law Firm is comprised of leading personal injury lawyers who have extensive legal training and experience in personal injury law. We have handled countless workplace accident cases. If you have questions, call the Lassen Law Firm today for your initial consultation.

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